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Some individuals may wish to mentoring without regard to obtaining a DreamStar certificate. For that reason, we offer an open-ended mentoring process that can include personal dream work, review of your efforts to apply the methods in your work, and review of audiotaped and videotaped dream work (with signed consent). The
costs for mentoring are $100 per hour via phone, Skype, or in person.

Dream Consultations with Dr. Scott Sparrow

To inquire further about mentoring, email me.


I think your greatest genius lies in the gift of linking dream to archetype to personal story in a way no else even comes close to mastering, in large part because of your great depth and repertoire of symbols, myths, and meanings and ability to pull it all together in real time. M.T., former client and psychotherapist

I want to tell you that I felt unexpectedly light and relieved after our conversation, and that feeling has remained with me since then. It's as though something has been cleared, yet I have not even begun what you asked me to do. I am sure now that I did the right thing in seeking your help.  T. Z., client