Dream Consultations

If you would like to schedule a dream consultation session with Kim, please submit payment via the Paypal link below, and then email her. She will then contact you to arrange for a Zoom meeting.

If you want to book a session with me, I no longer do individual dream consultations unless I can work with you under my counseling licenses in Texas and Virginia. I have found over time that dreamwork often turns into therapy, and unless I can work with you under my licenses, I will eventually have to suspend his work. If your state permits me to do counseling with you (some do), then please go to my
counseling website and fill out the intake form. My office will contact you once you do that.

If I cannot see you for dreamwork, please consider working with Kim, who is not working under a restrictive license, and is thus free to accept clients from out of state. She is a DreamStar Certified Dreamwork Practitioner.

If you are currently in therapy, please let your therapist know of your interest to have a consultation with Kim before scheduling a session. It is important for your therapist to know and to approve of her involvement before scheduling a session with her.


The costs for mentoring or personal dream consultations from Kim are $100 per hour and $60 per half hour via Zoom.

Dream Consultations with Dreamstar Institute

To receive more information about DreamStar services, please contact me with your queries.